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Finance and Budget Documents

This page provides links directly to our budget and comptroller documents including CAFR, FY21 budgetFY20 budget, FY19 budget, and previous budgets.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Budget Information

This section will be updated upon adoption of the FY21 Budget.


FY 2021 Budget Documents

Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Budget Information

For the 10th consecutive year, the county’s general fund millage rate will not increase for FY2020. The overall proposed tax rate also remains the same as last year -- at 8.2540 mils for the general fund, EMS, library and environmental lands.

While property valuations finally exceeded FY08’s valuation (from $26.3 billion to $28.4 billion), the increase in population also results in more demand for services – especially for public safety and transportation. During the same time, the County’s staffing levels have remained below pre-recession levels as property values were slowly recovering.

Whether it is being at capacity for responding to rescue calls, capacity in our inmate population at the jail or the more than $1B in needs to expand our existing road network, the Adopted Budget attempts to address these needs in accordance with the Board’s priorities. As a result, the Adopted Budget is a balancing act between available resources and the demand of mandated and core responsibilities, including the above public safety and transportation needs, alongside concentrated efforts to grow and strengthen the County with desired quality of life amenities.


FY 2020 Budget Documents



The below chart represents the County's budget / program planning cycle.

Osceola County Budget Cycle. April through June staff prepares for budget development. In July the county holds the BCC Budget Reconciliation meeting, and citizens budget committee meetings. In September the county holds two TRIM Public Hearings. In October is the start of the new fiscal budget year.